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Mid Winter Prep

So we are in the middle of winter. The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, and we want to sell our house soon. Here are a few comments on what needs to be done to sell your home in the winter.
First and foremost, price it properly!
You must use the services of a Real Estate Professional to do a comparative market analysis so that you can price competitively. Ask friends and neighbors who have bought and sold recently who they prefer to sell a property.This professional should know the market and have a good track record. Ask for references. You will need to trust this person when they tell you what your house would sell for in this type of market.
Secondly, prepare your house for sale and maintain it.
Many people say that they would like to sell but if your house looks like it needs a little help, do the necessary maintenance make it stand out. Clean the windows, dust the shelves, remove debris from the yard.(wind throws garbage and branches everywhere) Pick up after the animals do their business.(nothing worse than walking around looking at the outside of a property and stepping in some “business”). Regularly maintain the cleanliness inside of the house. and ,of course, DE-CLUTTER. Everybody know that you must get rid of stuff that is in the way of showing your house to it’s fullest. If this means putting things that you won’t need until spring into storage, DO IT! Don’t let the laundry build up. At this time of the year we may have too many clothes in closets, so clear them out. You only need what you will be wearing for the next couple of months and then all the winter-wear can go into storage. If you have cats, you must maintain the litter after every use. I know that there are products out there that say it covers any smell left by cats but, even as a pet owner myself, I can always smell kitty litter as soon as I walk into a home with cats. This odor concerns many buyers who do not own cats so just avoid the issue all together.
Lastly, be prepared for showings.
Sometimes showings can be a little impromptu. You might have a friend over for coffee and they might have a friend or coworker that is looking for a new home. The house needs to be as close to show ready as possible at all times. You will need to have the mind set that you are selling and all of this prep work will be easier to maintain.
Remember, selling your home is a process that must be followed. It is a team effort between your real estate professional and you. When that team works together, you can expect results.